Anti-inflammatory spices – healthy food sometimes works wonders

Unfortunately, every now and then we humans are plagued by inflammation in the body. During this time, the immune system has to do everything to fight this inflammation. The affected person should of course go to the doctor and see if the inflammation must and can be treated with medication. Furthermore, affected persons need a lot of sleep, because this offers relaxation to the body. And the right diet is just as important. On the positive side, it is possible to support the body in its fight against inflammation. This without much trouble, because basically you cook yourself fresh food every day and can resort to anti-inflammatory spices for it!

Rare spices for meals

There are well-known and also rare spices that can be used for inflammation. Among them, for example, is the nettle. It brings an anti-inflammatory effect and does not even have to be bought. Many people find it in their own garden or in a park. With it, especially the salad can be refined, or even tzatziki. Even dips can taste great with nettle and have a positive effect on the body.

Cumin for health

Cumin is known only to some people. Yet this spice can refine any meal. Indeed, cumin tastes fruity and spicy, so it can be stirred into a sauce, in a dip, in a stew and others. There are many oriental dishes where this spice is constantly used. For an inflammation just the thing!

Use well-known spices as natural anti-inflammatories.

Cinnamon is a spice that almost all people know and use here and there. However, cinnamon not only refines rice pudding, for example, but also offers an anti-inflammatory effect. This fact has long been known in medical science. Whenever you cook and bake and it fits, cinnamon could be used to get the disease under control faster.

Hot is also not wrong: the chili pepper

Everyone knows it, but not everyone likes it. However, the chili pepper is really good when it comes to inflammation. This is because the pod stimulates blood circulation, boosts the immune system and can relieve inflammation. Chili pepper can be used in many dishes, such as meatloaf, a fiery spaghetti sauce, a warm turkey salad and more.

A favorite is ginger

Anti-inflammatory spices are a boon, and by the way, ginger is one of them. It has only been popular as a spice for a few years and is used daily in many households. Whether as ginger tea, as ginger puree, as a side dish with meat or other. Even in a smoothie, ginger tastes great. And it is not only good for inflammation, but also provides better digestion.

Turmeric can be found in many households

Turmeric is similar to ginger, can be found in many households. Many people use turmeric for many different meals because this spice is supposed to be so healthy. The good thing is that this spice simply goes with all meals. It can even be added to scrambled eggs in the morning. But it also goes well with meat, vegetables and soup.

Thyme is quite helpful

Many asthmatics and people with other respiratory diseases know how well thyme affects the respiratory system. Therefore, this spice is even used for some medications. It is an herb that is dried and is good for health. And the good thing is, it can also be used for cooking. Not only can it improve the air, but it can fight inflammation, help digestion and strengthen the immune system!


If you want to be helpful to your body when it comes to inflammation, you can put the spices mentioned above to work for you. Many of them can be easily incorporated into daily meals. And since they are spices, they not only help health, but also refine every meal.

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