How to become successful

Becoming successful is a path accompanied by hard work, a lot of patience and a whole lot of strain – but it’s worth it when you get closer to your goals day by day.

Whether you want to be successful in your private life or as an entrepreneur: The first rule is always to keep a clear view of yourself and your plans. At all times you need to know what is happening, what will happen, and what status you enjoy. The recurring analysis of the TARGET and ACTUAL situation enables you to act quickly and promotes the making of the right decisions. If you are only at the very beginning of your project, on the one hand you have almost unlimited creative possibilities, but on the other hand this means a lot of work.

The business levels – what the career ladder is all about

Status Hobby
At the beginning of your project you have the status Hobby. You do things that you can do, or at least that you think you can do. This is an experimental phase in which you experience for yourself what can work, what cannot, and what needs optimization. Random circumstances, such as a friend’s request, provide initial experience and references.

The challenge:
Getting to this level in the first place requires a dose of courage. You don’t yet know that you have strengths and weaknesses, and you discover them with every action you take.

For self-motivation:
Imagine you have a great idea that works – and you don’t implement it!

Status Amateur
Done. You are aware of the things you are doing and are more confident in your approach. You have your first clients or prospects and the work goes by itself. You gradually get to know your strengths and weaknesses better, select, compensate and make use of them. But: you overestimate yourself.

You assume you know everything. But in fact, you don’t know what sales tax is, how to write invoices, or how to make sales calls. Since this wasn’t even necessary at the hobby level, you can’t have learned it there.

For self-motivation:
Never assume you already know everything, because you’ll block your progression to the next level! Openness shows you where you can still optimize your project.

Status Professional
Congratulations! As a professional you have now become aware of your strengths and use them efficiently to stabilize your success. With the experience you have gained so far, you actively approach customers and prospects and are able to convince them. But again, never suppress the thinking range of your mind.

The challenge:
Thinking that you can’t improve from here on out inhibits your continued advancement. Instead, get creative and think: How can you reach a the next level and how does it shape up?

For self-motivation:
Expand your horizons; after all, in the next level you can make your project a little more enjoyable.

Expert status
You have overcome your mental block and now realize that you no longer have to approach your customers, but that your customers come to you. You are paying more attention to your profile and are no longer actively moving around the customer, but are making sure that the customers are moving around you. All by themselves.

The challenge:
You have now become accustomed to processes and numbers that are supposed to remain stable. Therefore, any form of change is undesirable. But to quote Albert Einstein, “The purest form of insanity is to keep everything the same, and hope that something will change.”

For self-motivation:
Change. You can’t run in circles forever. Without change, there is no advancement either. Adapt yourself!

Status entrepreneur
You now recognize yourself as the driving force of your project. You are the one who is most busy. Especially if you act alone, this massively restricts the capacities, which however must be given on demand. So how can you create capacity independently of yourself? That’s right: employees!

The challenge:
All the skills you have now learned in the individual stages, all the experience you have gained, are now ceded to your employees. You have to learn to let go. Your project now becomes your shared project.

For self-motivation:
Create a system that is profitable in itself, and you yourself can devote yourself to a myriad of other things.

Company status
The system works. And it works because your employees work as if they were entrepreneurs themselves. They are dedicated and passionate about what they do and keep your project running, all without your own active involvement in the core area.

The challenge:
Avoid thinking you have reached the final stage. Any form of limitation on your own imagination will affect the success, expansion, reach, numbers of your project and the more open and adaptable you are, the better your chances.

The biggest enemy of your success is your own thoughts. Make them your friend.

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